Tori Bailey is CEO of Muscle Shoals Broadcasting, and General Manager of WZZA Radio Station. She is responsible for the daily operations of the family owned business, founded in 1972 by her parents, Bob Carl and Odessa Bailey. There, she hosts a talk show, a public affairs program known as “A Look At The Shoals”, discussing a wide range of topics including education, health, politics, financial empowerment.

She is the Democratic candidate for Colbert County Commission, District Four, a seat which had been held for decades by one of her mentors, Commissioner Emmitt Jimmar. Mr. Jimmar was a strong Democrat, and gave his blessing to Tori before she committed to run. She is extremely grateful that the Jimmar family has endorsed her to continue the legacy left by Mr. Jimmar.

Tori has the experience and energy to help expand Colbert County's progress. She will help to empower Colbert County citizens to have a say in the direction of industry and initiative. Tori will be a strong advocate for her neighbors in District Four.


Tori is committed to being a strong voice for the citizens of District Four. For true representation from a Commissioner who will stand up for her constituents, please vote for and elect Tori C. Bailey to take care of business on the Colbert County Commission.

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A Vote for Tori is a Vote for...

Common Sense Resolutions

Citizens of Colbert County deserve affordable health care, not only for ourselves, but also for our loved ones, our neighbors, and our friends. When members of our community are healthy, they can go to school, and to work, and can be productive members of society. Affordable health care will also benefit our health care providers and help keep hospitals operating in Colbert County.


We need protection of our neighborhoods, our environment, and our communities. That requires a positive working relationship with law enforcement whose job it is to protect and serve our citizens. We want and deserve safe and well-maintained infrastructure which can support industry to increase employment opportunities. We want roads and bridges which are regularly inspected, repaired, and improved.

Economic Empowerment

Innovative and creative thinking can show the best that Colbert County has to offer. Although the unemployment rate has dropped, it remains higher in Colbert County than in the neighboring counties of Lauderdale or Franklin. Attracting more jobs means thinking creatively about how to best use our resources. If you or someone you know struggles to pay bills, then help by voting for a person who has ideas about how to bring more employment opportunities to Colbert County. Help our citizens find work at home.

Educational Support

We must have adequate funding for our schools. Quality schools result in students who are prepared to compete successfully in our global economy. Innovative curriculum and cutting edge educational opportunities will enable our kids to have the same opportunities as any other educated child, anywhere in this nation or in the world. In order for our students to thrive and compete successfully in today's global economy, we must support our schools and our teachers.

Following Our Values

I am a member of the Democratic Party because it espouses ideals which align with my own. As a Democrat, I can stand true to my beliefs, knowing that the Party I work within has the best interests at heart of the people in our communities, in our districts, in our state. Jesus teaches us in Matthew 25:35-36 to care for our brothers and sisters, protect children and elderly, help those in need. He said “For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.” Most of us grew up learning these Christian lessons, but we have somehow forgotten these values.

Being a Christian means ensuring that families can afford to buy groceries. Being a Christian means welcoming those who do not look like we do, or even speak our language – in other words, those who are strangers – into our state. Being a Christian means caring as much about babies after they are born as we do while they are still in the womb. Being a Christian means wanting affordable health care for children, the elderly, the poor. Being a Christian means treating the incarcerated, and those who are ex-felons, as we would any other person who has paid for their mistakes. Being a Christian doesn't mean we are perfect, but that we do our best to follow his perfect example by loving others as we say that we love God.

A Voice for Unity

As a person who wants the best for ALL of us, I will continue to speak out when there are attempts made to separate us. We want symbolism that we can ALL be proud of. We are one community, and while we do not all share the same views, we must respect one another. We've been divided and conquered for far too long. We have much in common, be we union, minority, student or youth, elder or retiree, men, women, Black, White, Hispanic. We want the same things – to be treated with respect, to live in peace, and to have enough money, food, health, shelter, to make life worth living. So we cannot afford to be distracted by our differences. We have work to do. Let's forget our opposing opinions and focus instead on what unites rather than divides us. When we stand together, good things can happen for us all. We did that successfully on December 12th. We can do it again in November.